The Bancast #163 – Live at San Japan 2017

This very special episode of The Bancast takes place at San Antonio’s biggest Anime Convention, San Japan. We hit a lot of nostalgia, help a lot of people, and stay as culturally relevant as we possibly can. Also, the alternative title for this episode was “Wearing a Donut as a Bracelet“. Thanks for coming out, y’all!

The Bancast #161 – Some Junji Ito Dog Body Horror

We’re back, one week before San Japan, to share with you the good, the bad, and the ugly news! Want Final Fantasy XV on PC? We’ve got it! Want some hot new music recommendations? We’ve got ’em! Want a SNES Classic Mini? Tough!

Games Talked about on the show:
Yakuza Zero
Yakuza Kiwami
Destiny 2 Beta
Sonic Mania
Nidhogg II
Rez Infinite
Geometry Wars Galaxies

Music Suggestions from the show:
• Fleet Foxes – Crack Up
Manchester Orchestra – A Black Mile to the Surface
Von Bondies

Podcast Suggestions from the show:
The Adventure Zone
Everything from the McElroy Family of Products

The Bancast #160 – E3 2017

We’re excited to once again share our thoughts and observations on this year’s E3, which was pretty good! Between Mario Odyssey, Shadow of the Colossus, and the most powerful console ever made, it was a good week for everyone. Except Fred, because he’s sick.

Also, apologies for the last two minutes of the podcast, Levi’s audio got all bork’d.

The Bancast #158 – Covfefe and the Return to Form

Boy, we really are in it this time. This week we talk about some stuff, but it’s important to remember that everything’s gonna be okay. E3’s around the corner, the right people are working on Sonic Mania, and there’s nothing in the world that would make Mike give a damn about XBox. But we’re okay, right?

The Bancast #157 – Just a ‘Quel

On this week’s episode of The Bancast, the crew talks about Twin Peaks, Destiny 2, Ubisoft’s leaky ship, the meta narrative that Rabbids were ever any good, and the console wars: Microsoft’s Big Black Bone vs PlayStation 4’s lineup of solid games.

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The Bancast #156 – Bespoke Return

Would you believe that the update in your podcast feed isn’t a mistake? The Bancast is back with a brand new episode for you, discussing the best games of 2016, the future of video games, the freshly revealed Destiny 2, NieR Automata, Mass Effect Andromeda, Dark Souls 3, and a whole lot more. Welcome back, everyone.

The Bancast #155 – Baby and the 16 Del Toros

On this episode we discuss the HBO hit West World (just like every other podcast out there), and we prep for next episode’s challenge: The FX series by Donald Glover, Atlanta. If you want to skip all our Star Wars Rogue One talk (there are some spoilers), we start at 33:28 and end at 42:01. We also chat a bit about Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, Fallout 4, Steins;Gate Zero, and a whole lot more.

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